The Boltons


Peter Anderson - accordion and vocals
P.A. has played most Australian festivals at one time or another, either solo or with bands, and toured internationally.  His session-playing features on something like 50 albums. He's worked with many artists, including The Celtic City Sons, The Bushwackers, and Marty Kelly to name but a few.

Tom Bolton - acoustic guitar and vocals
Tom's writing draws from a wide spectrum of styles such that he can't be easily pinned down to any one idiom - even the chord structures may be new to many ears. The most recent of his three albums was produced by Nick Charles and has been very positively reviewed in Australia as well as overseas - "...a cut above 1000 other guys and gals with an acoustic guitar that want to sing to us about love and its discontents." The Big Takeover (New York)

Emma Rodda - violin
Besides her classical gigs with outfits like Orchestra Victoria and the Melbourne Opera Orchestra, Emma has worked in Irish bands, with African musicians, explored Brazilian choro music, recorded for film and television, and performed with a long list of musicians and bands such as James Morrison, Guy Noble, Roy Best, Lowdown Dirty Shames, Raga Dolls Salon Orchestra, Fiona Lee Maynard, and Michael Waugh.

Reave Maloney - double-bass
Reave studied improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts. He's played for years in jazz bands ranging from small ensembles to big-bands, and also played African dance music and reggae. He's toured with classical chamber ensembles such as the Mozart Players and larger orchestras like Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra, and worked with many notable musicians including Danny Spooner, James Morrison, Joe Chindamo, and Natsuko Yashimoto.

Les Oldman - drums and vocals
Les has a passion for a deep groove, always balanced with respect for the dynamics and character of the song, and his playing is filled with light and shade and subtlety. He's shared the stage and recorded with many of the best in the Australian music scene, including Paul Gadsby, Eris O'Brien, Nick Charles, Hey Gringo and Ross Hannaford, and has represented Australia at the International Blues Competition in Memphis.


Musicians who've taken part in various incarnations of The Boltons include:

Sarah Curro
Steve Dagg
Pete Fidler
Louis Gill
Richard Grace
Yolanda Ingley
Paul Jonas
Jeremy P Martin
Tony Mazziotta
John O'Hagen
Shane Ryall
Paul Tehovnik

The Boltons 2010
The Boltons 2011