The Boltons (Lite)

The Boltons

The Peter Anderson & Tom Bolton Duo

These scoundrels have been assaulting the ears of pub crowds for longer than should be allowed, and a festival or two between them as well, especially when the rest of the band are not there to keep them in check.

Some of the songs from their set list:

Wrecking Ball

Song to the Siren

Crying Day


(updated recordings of the duo coming soon)



Peter Anderson - accordion and vocals
P.A. has played most Australian festivals at one time or another, either solo or with bands, and toured internationally.  His session-playing features on something like 50 albums. He's worked with many artists, including The Celtic City Sons, The Bushwackers, and Marty Kelly to name but a few.

Tom Bolton - acoustic guitar and vocals
Tom's writing draws from a wide spectrum of styles such that he can't be easily pinned down to any one idiom - even the chord structures may be new to many ears. The most recent of his three albums was produced by Nick Charles and has been very positively reviewed in Australia as well as overseas - "...a cut above 1000 other guys and gals with an acoustic guitar that want to sing to us about love and its discontents." The Big Takeover (New York)